Classic articultural

The building's classic architecture profile with the mix-interior of little Indonesian touch. The mainstream of Goela Klapa based on the trend and lifestyle which are the flows of various activities in life that reflect the active and passionate life dynamics of most modern-residents. From such visualization of the activities mentioned above, we can imagine the full-loaded, dazzling and energetic strength, also uniqueness from the physical aspect of the building, interior, atmosphere, even to the human resources who will proceed the products and serve the customers of Goela Klapa Solo. The building's classic architecture profile with the mix-interior of little Indonesian touch with the ambiences of: luxurious, classic, elegant, cozy, classy, feminine, a bit minimalist, stylish, tropical and sophisticated will bring the customers to the atmosphere of classic empires in the big cities of Indonesia. Regarding the name, the building's architecture characteristics and the excellence of the products, therefore the individuals who are involved in this restaurant's operation are all strictly selected human resources with high standard demands, consequently it will be able to bring the ambience of Goela Klapa more luminous, luxurious and relaxing but it still has an outstanding image and prestige through the unique, entertaining, polite, kind and international standard services. Ayam betutu Gili manuk, Sate Ayam Madu, Palumara Makasar, Sop Konro Daeng Rangka, Serta Udang Bakar Parangtritis, adalah aneka hidangan otentik Nusantara yang akan memanjakan lidah anda dengan berbagai bumbu khas yang kaya akan rempah-rempah dan hasil alam asli indonesia. Aneka hidangan peranakan Weffle Van de Coen, Pan-cake sinyo Gondroeng serta Tape Bakar Colenak, dapat dijadikan hidangan penutup dalam setiap kesempatan dan pasti menawarkan citrarasa khas yang tiada duanya.

Why was Goela Klapa chosen as the name?

The Republic of Indonesia's national flag's colors are red and white. In the age of Dutch colonialism, the Indonesian warriors used Goela Klapa to replace Merah Putih (red and white). In the era of Majapahit, the words Goela Klapa were also used to symbolize the colors: Goela=Merah, Klapa=Putih.


When was Goela Klapa open?

Soft Opening: September 12th, 2009 Grand Opening: October 2nd, 2009, approved by walikota of Solo with batik fashion show and talk show about batik.

What is the concept of Goela Klapa?

All kinds of food in the menu are typical national cuisines that have become parts of the legacy and wealth of Indonesian culture, which we have to keep eternally. They are served with proportional luxurious touch, accompanied by entertainment of Indonesian traditional arts, and also talk shows about Indonesian cultures are available.

What are the specialties of Goela Klapa?

For cuisines, there are Palumara from Makassar, Sate Ayam Khas Goela Klapa, Ikan Woku Belanga, Rujak Cingur, Pindang Ikan Andalas and many others. For beverages, there are Es Grojak Nangka, Mesem Dremboko, Goela Asem Koriwetan, Es Banjoe Biroe, Es Kencono Ungu.

Facilities in Goela Klapa

Four meeting rooms are ready to accommodate any kinds of meeting, Manggala Room with the capacity of 12 people, equipped with LCD TV, also indoor toilets for the guests’ privacies. Candra Kirana Room with the capacity of 8 people has a comfortable ambience with AC and in house music, also a park view. Dong Sheng Room and Shan Ming Room have oriental ambiences with capacities of each 10 people with connecting door for bigger purpose, which can accommodate 20 to 30 people.


Live entertainment is available every Saturday that performs some music genres such as ethnic, acoustic, even to light acoustic jazz. On Sunday, we can enjoy old-fashioned snacks such as Arum Manis and Gulali which are complimentary free of charge for every guest.

Goela Klapa is expected to be an icon in Solo as the Heritage City, also become a pioneer for the similar business with the only authentic concept in holistic.